Parent/Carer Service

We provide an assessment service for individual children where there are concerns about the child's development of speech (pronunciation), language (understanding and using language) or ability to use language in different situations/with different people.

We provide a therapy service for individual children for the following:

  • speech sound difficulties (pronunciation)
  • spoken language difficulties
  • difficulties understanding language
  • reluctant speakers/children with Selective Mutism

The assessment and therapy sessions can take place in the child's home or in the education setting (prschool/nursey/ school) and attended by parent/carer.  The assessment usually lasts around 1 hour and will involve a case history with parent/carer as well as individual session with the child.  


The therapy sessions usually last between 40 minutes and 1 hour; this includes the therapy time with the child as well as any liaison and discussion with parents/carers and education staff. 

Need an individual consultation?

Simply call Jo on 07854 514985, email or use our contact form.